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Just Sara....

We found out that Sara had Down syndrome officially the day after she was born. When she arrived she had a head full of dark hair and was just so peaceful and in our opinion looked just like her sister Erin.

The midwives and consultants just looked at us with disappointment and guilt instead of congratulating us on our new baby. They turned to us and said, "unfortunately we think your baby has Down Syndrome, but we’re not 100% sure, so we will need to carry out a blood test." Straight away my husband was in denial and said," you’ve got it wrong." But when everyone had left the room and I was alone with Sara, I looked and looked again and I could see they were right. I was put me in a private room away from the other mothers with their new born babies for the night. Sara was so calm and peaceful, with her beautiful dark hair and long eyelashes I spent most of the night just looking at her.

When friends and family phoned and text to congratulate us, each time I had to tell them Sara had Down syndrome, and that, made it even more real. I had a rollercoaster of feelings of sadness and then I felt guilty for feeling sad. But I know now that those feelings were all because in my heart all I wanted for my baby was to not suffer in any way whether it be physically, emotionally, or mentally throughout her life. That’s when I I told myself its my job to make sure she doesn’t. She needs is the same treatment as any other child, she needs my love, care, attention and guidance. So I continued to care and love Sara like I did with Erin and never looked back. They eventually did the blood test and confirmed that she did have Down syndrome. Then they handed us a pack of leaflets and left the room. What advice do you have for parents with newly diagnosed children?

My advice to parents with a newly diagnoses would be to, just love and care for them like any other child. All children have different needs whether they have additional needs or not. And it’s ok to have a roller coaster of emotions! There’s no right or wrong way to react. Don’t focus on they things that so called society say they are failing at focus on their strengths and what they love and enjoy. All they need is love! Over time you realize how much of a blessing they are and that you had nothing to worry about. How has Sara enriched your life?

Sara has shown us as a family that you can achieve anything and not take life so seriously. Just appreciate the little things. Time is precious, love one another, appreciate one another for their strengths and abilities. Everyone has a choice. You can choose to be defeated and unhappy or you can see the best in every situation be happy and learn from every experience.

We love and enjoy following Sara’s modeling journey. In 3 words can she describe her fashion style? Sara’s fashion well she will literally wear anything.. as long as she likes it and it was her choice! Depending on what mood she’s in that day will most likely reflect what she’s wearing. She does love wearing colour though!

Who or what are 3 of her inspirations? What keeps her driven? Her big sister Erin has always been her inspiration growing up... and she absolutely loves the Ingham Family.. (vloggers) she watches the three girls on every aspect of their lives and loves seeing what clothes they’ve bought!

What does being courageous and fearless mean to Sara? Feeling courageous and fearless for Sara is really highlighted when she’s modelling and casting for jobs. She just switches into model mode no matter what mood she was in beforehand and is totally fearless!

You mentioned our campaign “ I HAVE A VOICE” was therapy, can you tell us why and how it helped? Having a voice is so important to Sara - she may have a serve learning disability, but she is entitled to speak her thoughts and definitely has her own opinion that should be heard and respected and more importantly society should adjust to being able to be patient and listen to her as speaking isn’t easy for Sara people often struggle to understand her language can be a real barrier for her.

Sara is truly inspiring and is a great leader for our next generation of girls. She is strong, confident, courageous, beautiful, unique, gifted and amazing. Can she leave us with some inspirational words? My abilities made me to be my own superhero which made me to be just Sara and I love being Sara.


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