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Raising Five

As a mother of 5, how do you manage to stay on trend and keep your children so stylish? I’ve always had a passion for design and a particular minimalist style that I gravitate to. Nowadays, so much inspiration can be found online whether it’s through social media, blogs, and store websites- I especially like perusing European and Japanese fashion online. Lastly, I think keeping our style simple and minimal allows me to mix and match pieces.

Do you have a different style for each of your children?  Overall, I like the minimalist and classic style however, each of my children have their individual preferences. I like to make sure I honor what they feel most comfortable and confident in. Most mornings the older ones choose their own outfits- since choice and individuality are important in our family.

You mentioned you gather a lot of inspiration from Japanese Faşhion. What are 3 things that inspired you while living in Japan? I’m inspired by the quiet yet powerful statement in the minimalist Japanese style. Second, the attention to composition and detail. And third, their respect for all things. You can tell from their architecture, etiquette, food displays, the nice greeting when you walk into a store and even their packaging—that all of these elements are engrained in their culture.

Can you describe your style in 4 words? This is a tough one since my style is very minimal! I would say: 1. Simple 2. Classic 3. Subtle 4. Natural Can you give any advice for moms who have children, but are struggling with styling them?

Keep it simple so you can mix and match. High quality and timelessness is something to think about. Also, investing in few quality classic pieces that are versatile is something I keep in mind knowing the pieces will be handed down. Where are some of your favorite places to shop for your children? Do you have any particular designers?  Some of our favorite places to shop are Zara, Gap, Old Navy, and Next Direct. Designers I like are Tuchinda, Jamie Kay, Tocoto Vintage, and Yoli and Otis. What does “Giving Your Children A Voice Through Style ,” mean to you? What I like most about keeping our style simple and minimalist is that each of their character shines through their personality and interaction. The kids also love to accessorize which always makes getting dressed fun for them! Recently, my eldest girls like to take a look at their wardrobe and use their imagination to create outfits. For example, the other day Emmerie wanted to be a “swan” for the day and picked out a white top with ruffled tiered sleeves that represented the wings and a grey pleated skirt that looked to her like feathers. Personally, I like to see their little minds work in this way rather than them choosing a swan image on a t-shirt, although they have pieces like this too. I also like the joy in their faces when they see their vision come together in the outfit they created. I know now my children are young and I can guide them in their choices but there will come a day when they will solely make their own style decisions; when they’ll be more expressive and concerned about individuality. This is one of the best parts about seeing my children grow into their own.


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